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Dear Dr. Katz,

I wanted to write to sincerely thank you for a wonderful orthodontic experience. Your practice is truly unique in its approach to both orthodontics and patients. From the minute I came in for my free analysis, I could see something was very different from other practices I’ve visited.

After driving by your sign each day, I decided I needed to investigate if anything “innovative” had occurred in the 37 years since I had last had braces, so I stopped in.

The office was open, airy, and very modern. From Wi-Fi in the waiting room to game consoles for kids, this was not the orthodontic office of yesteryear. After a tour of the actual work area (ever more impressive) and a thorough analysis, I was sold. Not only would I be wearing clear upper brackets (to preserve whatever dignity a 50-year-old can muster while wearing braces), but they would also be on for only six to 12 months due to the revolutionary SureSmile® wires.

Fast forward seven months and my braces are off! My beautifully straight teeth and a more correct bite have wowed my family and friends. Not just for the result, but for the speed and quality of the experience. You are also a marvel – a perfectionist with talent to spare. By embracing technology and best innovative practices, an excellent staff, state-of-the-art treatment plan, gorgeous office, and genuine care-to bring orthodontia into the 21st Century, you have delivered exceptional service and results!

Bridgette R.


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